How to become a more attractive woman

What if you’re not good looking?And what if you don’t have a big ass?Well, that’s where you come in.You can achieve your body shape and look goals with a simple, but effective diet and lifestyle change.Here are eight ways to achieve a better looking you:1.Reduce the amount of sugar you eat:If you’re looking for a […]

Why is the international edition of the Roma journal taking so long to be released?

Updated May 24, 2019 03:40:03 When the Romeo & Delphic, the R&Romeo and the Ronda Rousey trilogy finally arrived in English in March 2018, they were expected to make headlines for the first time.Now, a few months after publication, their international edition has been delayed again by a month.As of May 24 the edition was […]

How to have a safe and fun pregnancy with the best of the best

It’s a cliché in our profession that women are our biggest supporters.But how do we make sure we can take care of them during pregnancy, when they’re going through the most intense period of their lives?A new study by researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, shows that women in a clinical setting with an […]

How to make your next-door neighbor a lover

Marseille’s Andrology Lab is the hub for Andrology, a community of men and women seeking out men and exploring the potential of love.Andrologue Marseilles, the new site, aims to help you understand androgyny, find a partner, and navigate the world of sexual androgynous relationships.“The Andrologists’ journey is to become lovers,” writes Andrologo Marseilla.“They want to […]

Which of these are the best free-to-play gamebooks?

Vice News has published a list of the top 50 free-downloads for video gamebooks on Steam, ranking the titles based on how well they fit in the market.While there are plenty of titles with a good amount of content, there’s not much variety.This means you can usually find a title that fits your needs in […]

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