The mysterious woman with the unusual scarring could be a powerful X-rays machine.

The man is believed to have bought the equipment at a price of about 300,000 euros ($331,000), a local newspaper said on Friday.

The newspaper quoted the owner of a mobile phone company, who gave his name only as Andrej, as saying the device was bought from a company in Zagrej, a town close to the Croatian border.

Andrej told the newspaper that the man had given him a certificate of insurance for the device, and that he had a contract with the company that it was not to be used for private use.

He said the man was a security guard at a police station in Zogreb and had recently been released from prison.

He added that the woman had also claimed that she was an X, which is the name of a type of X-Ray machine used by the medical profession.

The X-RAY machine has a metal plate on top of the machine that produces X-radiation.

X-ray machines have a special coating on top that protects the surface from damage by X- rays.

They are used to detect abnormalities in the body.