A study published in The Lancet has found that Indian men who had sex with men had higher rates of ovarian cancer.

The study examined information on men’s sexual behaviour from 2011 to 2015 and found a trend of higher rates in Indian men.

“This is one of the first studies that have found that women in India who have sex with both men and women have higher ovarian cancer rates,” Dr Anuj Gupta, a clinical urologist at the Medical University of Gurgaon and lead author of the study told the BBC.

“Women who have had sex, in terms of both partners, and have had penetrative sex are at higher risk of ovarian carcinoma.”

The researchers used information from the 2011 census to look at information from 2016.

“The data shows that the rate of ovarian and cervical cancer in women who had been in a relationship for at least one year, was 1.2 per cent, whereas the rate in women in a same-sex relationship was 2.3 per cent,” Dr Gupta said.

“What’s interesting is that this rate in both women and men is higher than the rate that we saw in heterosexual women.”

We don’t know why women have these higher rates.

This is a potential explanation.

“Dr Gupta said that women who have anal sex are more likely to have ovarian cancer, while men who have vaginal sex have higher rates than those who have oral sex.”

There is also a strong correlation between anal and oral sex,” he said.

Dr Gupta, who is based at the Department of Urology at the University of Mumbai, said that more women would benefit from andrology, which he called “a major breakthrough”.”

The prevalence of ovarian, cervical and vulvar cancers in India is among the highest in the world, so the fact that the rates of these cancers are also higher in women than men is very interesting,” he added.”

More studies are needed to find out if these trends are also reflected in other regions of the world.

“Dr Anuj was the first to suggest that andrology could be the cause of India’s high rates of cancer in a recent paper published in the journal PLOS Medicine.

In his paper, Dr Gupta and colleagues found that among men who reported having anal sex, there was an increased risk of anal cancer.

In their study, they also found a significant increase in the prevalence of cancer of the ovary, and in the risk of cervical cancer.

Dr Anui also said that men who were sexually active with women were more likely than men who did not to have cancer.”

It is possible that some of the reasons for this may lie in the fact the men who are sexually active also have a higher number of partners, which means that they have more opportunities for a lot of things to go wrong,” he told the ABC.

Dr Dr Gupta has previously worked in the US, Australia and Germany on prostate cancer.