Dokters andrologist, Andrologist &rologist Certification, andrologists andrologis andrologial jakartans andrologia jakarts andrologica article JAKARTA, Indonesia —  A group of Indonesian doctors is having a high-profile debate about the legitimacy of a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and its alleged links to human reproductive organs.

Andrologist Andrologists Association (AFA) chairman and founder and doctor Dr. Setyo Anand said on Monday that the AFA is planning to hold a forum in Jakarta on Thursday to discuss the Doksert Society’s controversial statement, which said the TCM should be considered “alternative medicine”.

“I believe in traditional Chinese medicines, which we know are not the only ones.

We believe there are also other medicines that are also not TCM, but the question is, are they good or bad?

Are they better or worse than TCM?

We have no choice but to discuss this,” Dr. Anand told The Hindu.

Dr. Anad, who was the first doctor to be awarded the title of “doctor of the year” by the Association, said he believed the DOKTC was not an alternative medicine.

“It is not a real alternative medicine, it is a fake alternative medicine that is meant to cure diseases,” he said.

The AFA and Dr. Doktor’s Association, which has been promoting the DokoTract in Jakarta, have faced criticism from several quarters.

In a statement published in the Jakarta Post on Monday, the AFFA’s board said the DokaTract had been widely disseminated in Indonesian media, and the organization’s president, Dr. Jokman Kajan, has said he had received death threats after the publication of a report by the AFTA that criticized Dr. Kajannan.

Meanwhile, Dr Setyotek Gebreselassie, president of the Indonesian College of Health Sciences, has dismissed the DOs claims.

He said the association had not been consulted before it published the article in the Indonesian newspaper.

Dr. Sonyas Doktroli, president and CEO of the Dokuroli Group, the largest private medical corporation in Indonesia, told The Huffington Post that he believes that DokTract is not medicine and has not been proven to be safe.

But Dr. Gebremissie said that Dokset is “a valid alternative medicine”, which he said he will promote in the future.

According to Dr. F.S. Dhondja, a clinical psychologist and member of the National Board of Health and Welfare (NBFH), the DSO has a “history of making unfounded and inaccurate statements about health-related issues” that include claims that “TCM is an effective alternative medicine”.

According to a press release from the NBFH, Doktar claims that its practitioners “do not prescribe TCM and treat patients with TCM treatments only”.

In the same statement, the NFBH also said that “Dr. Kojan is the chair of the board of directors of the Association”.

Dr Dhondjja said that Dr. A. J. Doda, the director general of the NBPH, is also the chairman of the association’s board of governors.

Dr A. S. Tambun, the former head of the WHO Indonesia office, has also condemned Dokts andrology as an “unproven and unfounded alternative medicine” that has “a poor record in terms of safety and effectiveness”.

He told The Daily Beast that the association has been “trying to push an ideology of TCM” for decades, and that it is “quite irresponsible to claim that TCM is a proven and safe alternative medicine when there is no evidence to support its efficacy”.

Tambun added that “there is a clear distinction between TCM in Indonesia and TCM as practiced in China”.

Dr. Dhonas Doda said that he would “continue to work with all members of the society and others” to make the association “a better organisation”.