A Saudi man who has spent years on the run from police after allegedly molesting a 12-year-old boy has been arrested by police and charged with sexual assault and child molestation.

Police arrested Andrés Crespo, 34, in the coastal city of Jeddah after a police source told local media he had confessed to the molestation, according to the Saudi Press Agency.

Crespo’s arrest comes a day after the kingdom’s top prosecutor issued a warning to anyone with information about the case to come forward.

He said that if anyone has information about crimes against children, they should inform authorities.

“If you have information, come forward, otherwise you can be punished,” Saudi prosecutor Khaled al-Othman told a news conference.

“We are asking you to be aware of this case, because this kind of crime against children is very widespread, and these cases are taking place very frequently,” he added.

Crescosa’s lawyer, Fadela Obeid, said in a statement that Crespa had confessed in private and was ready to testify in court.

The Saudi government is trying to clamp down on social media and online pornography, which is viewed by young people as a way to seduce, coerce and even murder their partners.