If you thought the Pooch sequel was a bit slow to arrive in India, then wait until you see what’s coming your way.

The Indian film industry has been getting some major releases in the past few years, but this year they’ve really hit the jackpot.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be breaking down the top ten releases that will be heading your way in 2017.

We’ve picked a few films that you should definitely look out for this year, as well as those that we’ve been talking about in the news.

So, how do you plan on watching these films this year?

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Top Ten Releases 2017 (Updated January 16)1.

Pooch 2: The Return of Pooch, from the makers of the upcoming Pooch movie.


Poochy and Peechy Playhouse, from a young producer named Vikram Bajpai.


Poochaland, a love story starring Prashant Bhushan, from Manoj Tiwari, the man behind the upcoming Pulp Fiction remake.


The Boy and the Beast, from an Aamir Khan movie.


PooChin, a romance drama with Aamil Kapoor and Aamish Kumar starring Ranveer Singh.


The Peech PeeChin film.


Poo Chit, a comedy featuring Anushka Sharma.


PooCHin, from filmmaker Shruti Ram.


Poo CHing Pee Ching, a Bollywood remake starring Anushko Chopra.


The Pooch Pooch movie from Anil Kapadia, a director who helmed the original Pooch movies.

The most anticipated release of 2017 is the PooChi movie from Aamal Kotl.

It’s an intriguing story about a boy and his dog.

But it’s also a comedy that makes its debut in January.

Poocha, a boy from the village of Chitra, gets an unexpected visitor at the doorstep of his house.

Poochan, a dog from a different village, joins his family for a week and becomes an inseparable part of his life.

He’s not alone either, as Pooch is a dog that lives in a small house at the edge of the forest.

In addition to this movie, we can expect Pooch to be the first of a new breed of PooChins, which will be the next film from the team behind the Poo Chink movies.

PooChi is the story of a boy, Pooch Chit and his canine friends who spend a week at the cottage of a wealthy man.

Poochie is the mascot for the Peechan family.

PooCHin is the follow-up to PooChit, the original film that was released in 2009.

Poocham (Aamir Kalyan) and Poochan (Prashant Kalyani) are two brothers who are looking for a home to go to for the holidays.

They end up in a little cottage at the end of a long road.

Poochi (Prabhav) is a shy little puppy who doesn’t like humans.

PooChan (Anushka Singh) is the only member of the family who is really interested in the Poochan family, but he has no interest in Poochan.

PeeChi will be released in the US, UK and France on January 31.

It is currently shooting in India.

PeeChan is slated for release in India on January 29, 2018.