Apple has been steadily adding features to its iOS 9 update, including support for FaceTime and the Siri Remote, a new feature that allows users to interact with the iPhone in the same way as on other platforms.

While some of these features are still in testing, many others are ready to be released in the coming weeks.

Here are some of the most interesting new features in iOS 9.1.

TouchID Touch ID is an option you can use to unlock your iPhone or iPad with a single press of a button.

You’ll need to enter your passcode to do this, but once you do, you can add the fingerprint to your iPhone to unlock it with your finger.

It can be very useful if you want to use your iPhone in an area that requires extra security.

To unlock your device, you’ll need an Apple ID, but you can also add a fingerprint if you’d like.

You can also use FaceTime to send voice memos, or the Siri remote to make calls.

The only way to disable TouchID is to turn it off completely, but this can be done through Settings > General > TouchID.

It also lets you hide or hide-all options, which will hide or reveal your Home button.

The feature works with iOS devices running iOS 9 or newer, so it’s possible to disable this on older devices.

It’s also possible to turn TouchID off and not use it at all.

This means that the iPhone or iPod touch can only unlock when you’re in the background, and it will only unlock if you’re using a FaceTime camera, which has a low-power button.

There are also a few other new features that come with the new update, like a new Quick Reply option that allows you to send text or emoji at the touch of a few buttons.

A new app, Apple Music, is also now available to stream music from your iPhone.

Apple Music will allow you to play a variety of songs and albums, but it will also have a built-in “music library” that includes tracks from major music labels.

This includes artists such as Rihanna and Drake.

Apple also introduced the ability to send and receive photos in a number of new ways, including by using the new Photos app on iOS 9 and a new Photo app for iPhone.

There’s also a new “iMessage” app that lets you send and respond to text messages and photos, which Apple says will make it easier for people to share pictures with one another and make it more likely that someone will notice when they snap a picture of someone in public.

If you use the new iMessage app, you may notice a new message, called “iMessages”, that says, “I received this message from someone you want me to tell you.”

It can also send a message to anyone you are connected to using iCloud, so this is a way for people you connect with to share and receive messages.

If someone is messaging you, you might see an option that says “You can’t send this to me.”

You can still access your contacts and text messages on iOS 10 and older devices, but now you can’t share them with anyone other than those who have your iCloud ID.

You might also notice that some Messages messages are no longer accompanied by a QR code, like they were before.

There is no longer a way to use a photo to send a photo, but some of them will still let you share them.

A number of apps are also getting updates to let you customize your Apple Watch face.

You may see an “Apple Watch face” option in Settings > Appearance > Customize Apple Watch.

This is a new option that lets users make their own Apple Watch faces, and they can add different colors, fonts, and other customization options to their faces.

You don’t have to be an Apple Watch owner to try it out, as you can get a custom watch face from the Apple Store for free.

The new Apple Watch app lets you see all your watch faces on your watch, and you can now sync your Apple watch faces to iCloud.

You will also see a new widget at the top of your watch face, with the information you can see at that time.

You also can tap on the “more” icon to open the Apple Watch App, which lets you customize the watch face.

The Watch app is a pretty big addition to iOS 9, and Apple has shown it can take some time to catch up with users who have used it before.

You could see a big upgrade coming in the next couple of weeks, and this update is likely to be the biggest in Apple’s history for the new iOS.

You’re going to want to take a few days to fully appreciate the improvements and updates Apple is making to iOS 10.

If Apple really is working on making this update better than iOS 9 is, then it’ll take some getting used to.

We’re still waiting on the official launch date, but we’re guessing that it won’t arrive until the end of September