The International Society of Exame andrology (IASER) has launched a campaign to help patients who suffer from depression.

The organization, which has helped thousands of patients for years, is launching a campaign, “Depression is not an illness,” to raise awareness of mental illness and help them cope.

In a video released by the organization, a doctor says, “In this society where depression is an illness, I think it is important to do something to help.

The goal is to reach out to patients who have the mental illness, and help make them more comfortable, and to provide them with support and resources.”

Depression can be debilitating, especially in a population that needs it the most.

It’s not something you can be cured of.

It can be difficult for a person to live a healthy life without having a mental illness.

So to help people understand the severity of the illness, we want to share the story of a man who overcame depression, and how his story inspired the foundation of IASER.

“The video will feature a number of doctors who have been instrumental in treating patients with mental illness in Argentina.

In the video, the doctor says that he saw a lot of people who struggled with depression, including in hospitals and on the streets.

He says that patients were often referred to the IASERS clinic for treatment and some had to have their medications taken.

The video also talks about a man whose mother committed suicide, saying that “the reason was her inability to cope with her own grief and loss.””

Depressed people have a very difficult time finding an appropriate way of dealing with their emotions, and this is the reason for IASer’s mission to provide a support system to help them,” the doctor said in the video.”

The idea is that if you are in pain, you can come to IASers, we will talk to you about your pain, we can give you advice on how to deal with it.

And if you want to get help, we’ll help you with medication, and we will provide you with a support network, and so on.