A trans woman has made headlines in Britain and Australia after being told she will be referred to a psychiatrist after undergoing surgery. 

Tania Sowards, a 36-year-old woman who identifies as male and lives in London, was told in November that she would undergo an operation to make her penis appear more masculine. 

The decision was made after she reported to her GP on December 19 that she was experiencing symptoms of anxiety, irritability, and depression, the Mirror reported. 

Sowards is now a vocal supporter of gender-neutral pronouns in society, which is one of the reasons she’s now going public with her experiences with the decision. 

“I was terrified,” she told the Mirror.

“I was like, ‘Are you fucking kidding me?

Is this what I’ve been telling you?'” 

“The GP said it’s really normal for trans people to experience these things, and then when you’re told that you’ll be referred for surgery to make your penis more masculine you just go, ‘Oh my god.'” 

Sowing doubt over the decisionThe Mirror reported that Sowars’ GP told her that the operation would be a cosmetic procedure and would involve removing a few small hairs from her genitals. 

“[The GP] said that if you were male it would be like putting on a beard, but if you’re female it would just be like making a few tiny hairs on your chest,” she said. 

But Sowarks’ GP was quick to say that the hair removal would be for medical reasons and that there would be no physical change. 

She explained: “I said, ‘Well, I’m trans, and I’m worried about the operation, so why should I be worried?'” 

In an email, the GP explained: “Your GP said there are a few hairs on the skin which can be removed for cosmetic reasons. 

We are unable to disclose any details as it is for medical reason. 

Please be advised that surgery to remove these hairs is not a procedure for the cosmetic purposes and will be done to the skin to prevent the growth of unwanted hairs.” 

“That’s the point I made, that the hairs would be removed, and that it would have no physical effect on the patient.” 

Sowearks was informed that she had a week to decide whether she wanted to go through with the surgery, and was told that if she did not make the decision within that time, she would be referred back to the GP for further consultation. 

 “So I’m on the phone to my GP and he’s like, “I can’t do it, it’s not appropriate, it will only harm you, because I don’t want to see this happen.” 

But it seems that Sowearks’ doctor is a fan of the transgender community, and has encouraged Sowarson to speak out. 

On Sunday, Soworks’ GP wrote a message on Facebook, explaining that the decision was taken because of a medical condition that he was unable to treat. 

In the message, Soweards said that she wanted the doctors decision to be public. 

However, it is not clear if the GP was referring Sowords to a private practice, or to a health clinic. 

It is unclear if the NHS is currently investigating Sowards case, or whether the GP is under investigation himself. 

According to the Mirror, Sowell’s GP has since received an email from the NHS which stated that Sowell is not under investigation, and the NHS has not yet commented. 

(Via The Mirror)