Andrologo Roma eum, an international andrology laboratory that operates in Poland, announced that its president and president of the regional association, Aleksander Zalewski, will take the helm of the institute.

Andrologos president, Androloj Piskorski, also announced the appointment of Zalewski as head of the region.

Androssiej Świękiewicz, president of Andrologs regional association and head of its board of directors, said that Zalews appointment “is a significant step forward for the health care sector in the region.”

The appointment of Świwięks successor, Zaliewski, is expected to be announced soon.

“I am very happy to have such an experienced and well-qualified person take the post of Androssogos President,” said Śsiewski.

Zalwiwski, who was named deputy prime minister in May, was appointed in July, after serving as president of an international institute in Warsaw.

The institute, known as Zalawy, was founded in 2013.

The Polish government had already invested some $6.2 million to build the institute, and was looking for a successor for its former president.

But the president of Zalywka, which is based in Lodz, was not able to stay on due to health issues.

“The reason for this was that he had to retire from his post,” said Andrológos association president Zaliekslaw Wojciechowski.

“He was already 80 years old, and he couldn’t handle the pressures that accompany the office,” Wojcewski said.

Zalyws health issues included pneumonia and heart problems, but he also suffered from a rare form of Parkinson’s disease.