Men’s Involvement in HIV and AIDS Prevention

As the disease grows into epidemic proportions, a number of factors are being considered, including the role of men in the prevention of this epidemic. While the impact of the disease is being felt in increasing proportions, talks of an increased role of the male population in the eradication of this dreaded disease are getting stronger. These days, voices of concern are heard all over in this regard.

With this, a number of studies and surveys have also being conducted, to review various impacts, in light of the proposed social arrangements. As it is, various social and physiological factors are involved in the determination of the risk of infection in men, apart from their involvement in the effective prevention of the disease.

Now, due to such complex nature of this disease, it becomes all the more important that the male population improves its position in this regard, abstain from forced and unprotected sexual intercourse, as well as take necessary steps in regard to the various ways of transmission. A number of organizations are working in this direction to promote the level of awareness in regard to the disease, particularly among the male population. Make them aware about the dangers of unprotected sexual intercourse, spread through infected needles, as well as through unscreened blood transfusion.

As a matter of fact, there has been a rather change in perception in regard to the spread of the disease and the importance of an increased role of the male population in this regard has been felt all around. This is because, most of the societies over the world, particularly those in Asia and Africa are highly male dominated. This makes women having lesser powers, especially negotiation powers pertaining to condom use. This further aggravates the situation with the disease spreading at a much rapid rate.

Several steps have been therefore taken in this regard to target the male population; to recognize their concerns and make the correct decision for avoiding infection from the disease’ and more importantly protect their partners from the disease, apart from taking a leadership role in the prevention of the disease. As it is, knowledge and awareness are the most important tools in this regard. Although, this might be a relatively tougher task, yet the fact remains that if the efforts are successful, then in that case, it should prove to be perhaps the most important step in regard to the prevention of HIV/AIDS.

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