How You Can Cure It

It could be physical or it could be psychological. It could be a combination of the two. All men have this problem at some point in their life. If it is just happening once in a while then it really is not a problem. In fact it is normal. It is when it happens on a regular basis that it can become a real issue for a man and his partner.

All men that are having a problem with premature ejaculation should first know that they are not alone. This is a problem that a lot of men have across the world. It is not a subject that most want to talk about. Men find it embarrassing and shameful. But they should not. Because chances are there are other men having the same problem that you see on a daily basis.

The first thing that you should do when you are looking for the causes of premature ejaculation is to see your doctor. They can give you a physical and rule out any medical issues that could be causing this problem. Some of the things that they will check for are things like the hormones in the body being off, brain chemical being off, the prostrate or urethra having a infection or inflammation or the nervous system being damaged in some way. If all of these things check out then you will need to start looking at psychological reasons.

There are so many different psychological reasons that could be causing premature ejaculation. For example, it could be something as simple as you are not attracted to the person that you are having sex with. This could be you just wanting to get it over as quick as you can. It could be that you are really stressed out. Maybe with bills, or your job. Stress can play havoc on our lives. It can definitely cause premature ejaculation. It can be the reason that you have suddenly became a three minutes man when you normally have a great sex life.

Along with stress, anxiety can also be what causes premature ejaculation in your life. Being anxious can send your body into overdrive in a lot of ways including with ejaculation. Being nervous with sex is also a common problem. It could be there is a new woman in your life and you are just extremely nervous.

It also could be that you have trained your body to ejaculate quickly. This does not mean that you did this on purpose. This is especially true for younger men. Most men masturbate, especially as teenagers. They do it quick so as to not get caught. This can become a habit that is hard to break when you are actually having sex with someone.

So now that we know some of the causes of premature ejaculation what can you do about it. Well, if it is one of the psychological reasons that we talked about then there are some exercises that you can try.

First of all if you are not attracted to the person that you are having sex with then obviously you need to find a new partner. If it is stress then you need to find ways to relieve stress before you have sex. This could be yoga. This could be jogging or maybe breathing exercises. Anything that helps you to relax. This alone could help you to last longer in bed.

You could try a masturbation exercise. Yes, masturbation. This is what you need to do. Masturbate until you are getting close to ejaculating then stop. Relax and then start again. Do this several times before you let go. Do this as often as you can. This will retrain your body to last longer when having sex. You could also try the squeeze method. This will take the participation of your partner. When you are having sex and you are getting close to ejaculation your partner will squeeze your penis with her vagina. This will slow down the excitement and make you last longer.

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